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Friday, March 31, 2017

ANARCHY'S TURNING now on sale!

The third book in the Jovian Frontier series, Anarchy's Turning, is now on sale at Amazon! Also available through Kindle Unlimited.

Back cover:
Tanner Sheppard’s been face-to-face with the inner demons that drove him to the violent life of a pirate. He’s been fighting the slide back to those days since he got out of prison. Most booters say once a pirate, always a pirate, but Maggie McBride takes a chance, gives him a shot at redemption if he’ll throw in with her freedom fighters.

For an excuse to be near her? Anything.

The moons of Jupiter want their freedom but have a history of getting beat back down by the well-equipped, disciplined militia. Crosshairs on both sides of the struggle land on one particular moon, Himalia. Now’s the time to make a move, but the bootstrapper rebels aren’t ready. Militia’s banking on that and laying plans to nip these freedom fighters in the bud.

If it would catch Maggie’s eye, Tanner’s willing to backslide a bit. Pirates know all about striking when nobody’s ready.

To celebrate,
until April 4, 2017

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