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Thursday, June 4, 2015


If you're working your way through my gritty fantasy series, Disciple, did you know that there's a prologue?

I wrote Fire's First Kiss as an exclusive gift to my Kickstarter supporters waaaaay back when I was publishing Part I. It's a novella covering the events leading up to that secret mission across the mountains.

It's only $1.99 but you'll never see this on Amazon or for sale anyplace else. You can only get it through my newsletter because it's only for Disciple fans. Sign up now and get the link!

Back cover
Before Kate was sent on the secret mission across the mountains, she faced her first big challenge as an apprentice healer at the original battle of Ansehen. Kiefan was there too, champing at the bit to prove himself to his father. And Anders was skating the edge of giving up and seeking is fortune elsewhere.

Want more from the "Saints of War" universe?
Dreamspinner Press published the m/m romance that I wrote after finishing Disciple. It's set in the borderlands, fifty years before the events of the series.

Back cover
Heathric Felahóf never wanted to be a thief, but his cousinʼs scheme is the only option to keep the town's children from being taken as slaves to cover the year's taxes. So a few men slip over the border into the neighboring kingdom, steal a flock of sheep, and escape before the magically gifted Rangers learn of them. The second time, they're not so lucky, and trouble follows the bandits home.

Adal Sperling has given up on finding a lover who truly wants him. One of the Rangers charged with protecting his people, he pursues the sheep thieves over the border and stumbles across Heathric, a gentle shepherd who only wants to take care of his family. But opposite sides of border incursions is a rough way to fall in love, and the laws of Adalʼs kingdom are clear: the border must remain closed to Heathricʼs people.

Stay tuned for announcements of what's coming in the fall!

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