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Sunday, March 15, 2015


Now that the six part Disciple series is finished...

Disciple Omnibus
collecting all six parts, 
all the appendices,
all the cover art, all the maps, 
all the character indexes...

one ebook, 
only $9.99!
Read just Part I for free - see below!

one paperback! 
(for all your fantasy doorstop needs...) 

War is coming. Kate Carpenter is only a peasant girl, but she’s determined to help defend the kingdom and its bound saints against the invading empire. Her healing magic earned her a coveted apprenticeship with the master healer; now she must prove herself ready to stand in the front lines and save lives.

She’s not ready for the attentions of a ne’er-do-well knight and the kingdom’s only prince, though. This is no time to be distracted by romance — the empire’s monstrous army will tear through anyone standing between them and the kingdom’s magical founts. All disciples must put aside their tangled feelings and stand in the homeland’s defense.

Disciple, Part I is always free! 

email me if you can't find it for free:
blankenship.louise at gmail dot com

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