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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Back in October 2012, I clicked "Publish" on Disciple, Part I. I had only just started writing Part VI at the time. I knew there's be highs and lows in publishing the whole six part series -- and it's definitely had both. From my reviews at Amazon:

"Even though the story kept me delightfully entertained I kept banging my head wanting more explanation of why everything was happening."

"I definitely struggled at first to pick up and follow the complex names, places and religious system. However, after catching on I was drawn in. I rarely pay for digital books. I got part 1 free, and immediately after finishing I bought part 2 and will now be buying part 3. Worth it."

"This isn't the land of unicorns and fairy castles - characters die, nations war and spy and betray, and everything has a price to be paid. More than that, it's thoughtful, a fantasy that gets down to the nitty-gritty of figuring out the if/then that the premise implies, making for crunchy, satisfying fantasy fare."

"I loved the drama that kept me turning pages. Great book and I can't wait to read the next one."

I ran two Kickstarters. I had to find a new editor halfway through the series. Over 1500 Part I's got sold through Storybundle -- and none of them came back for Part II, near as I can tell. Five of the covers were done by the same artist and I wish he'd done the sixth (it's #2 actually) as well.

It's been two years since I've spoken to the main characters and now I'm trying to work on final revisions to Part VI.

Because it's time to finish this.

Disciple, Part VI
on sale 
March 1, 2015

to be followed by the
Disciple Omnibus
March 15, 2015

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Back cover
Two years ago, Kate was a peasant girl who only wanted to serve the saints of her kingdom as a healer during the war. Her gifts led her to cross paths with the crown prince and a ne’er-do-well knight — they shifted the path of her life and of the entire war.

All three of them paid a steep price for having met.

Kate spent a cold winter alone, re-forging her strength out of a deeply broken heart. She’s ready, as an elect, to stand beside her saints and go to war in ways no peasant girl could have dreamed.

She needs answers, she needs absolution, and she needs to discover what she’s truly capable of.

Also announcing! 
I will be selling Disciple's prologue novella, Fire's First Kiss, for a limited time!

This story has only been available to Kickstarter supporters up to now. It will never be on sale through the usual online channels. Who knows when it'll be available again? Watch this space for more news!

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