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Saturday, October 25, 2014

THE WIZARD OF ENDS by Vanessa Finaughty

An interview with Queen Narraki Dragonsbane from Vanessa Finaughty’s Wizard of Ends

1. Thank you for joining us here today, Narraki. The burning question on my mind is this: what was your first impression of Lashlor Leaflin? 
That he’s a noble, decent man – I would think that, of course, since the first time we met was when he rescued me.

2. At what point did your first impression change, and in what way did it change?
When we were attacked by the gabbertok – a dangerous night creature. He refused to use magic to save us, and I started to think he was one of those mad wizards who get themselves killed by living in a fantasy world.

3. By the end of Wizard of Ends, Book 2, Dark Creature, what is your opinion of Lashlor? 
He’s a hero.

4. How did you meet your husband, King Lanaran Dragonsbane, and was it love at first sight?
We met at a royal ball three years ago. We hit it off straight away and I admit he swept me off my feet without even trying. What can I say? [She smiles.] I have a thing for humorous, polite men who keep stepping on my feet on the dance floor.

5. If King Lanaran ever lost you, how do you think it would affect him?
[She frowns.] It’s hard to say. Sometimes I believe we can’t truly know what we would do in any given situation unless we’ve actually experienced it. I don’t think he would take it well, though, and, if I was murdered, my murderer would soon find himself hanging – or worse.

6. You’ve been married for two years. Do you think you will have children?
I’m sure we will. I know other royal couples start popping out babies almost as soon as they’re married, but we wanted a few years to ourselves first.

7. What quality/trait do you find vital in a romantic partner?

8. What was the first thing that attracted you to King Lanaran, and is it the same thing you’re usually attracted to?
His wit. I love a good laugh and he kept them coming all evening the first time we met. His good looks were a close second, of course. [She grins and blushes.] I have to be honest and say that dark eyes and dark hair are usually what first attract my attention.

9. Did you think you would survive being chased by the creatures of dark magic in Book 1?
Honestly, no.

10. Who or what do you believe ultimately saved you from the magical creatures?
I’m not really sure. Neither of the wizards who were with me at the time could be certain which of them un-summoned the beyeni, but it was definitely one – or both. As Yuldin suggested at the time, it could even have been their combined magic that did the trick.

11. Are you afraid of anything?

12. Is there anyone you don’t trust?
My sister. [Her eyes take on a faraway look.] Let’s talk about something more pleasant, shall we?

13. If you ever have a daughter, what’s the most important piece of advice you will give her?
Marry for love and not for power or riches.

14. Where can readers learn more about Wizard of Ends?
Readers can follow the virtual book tour here. Special discounts and freebies will be on offer throughout, and plenty of sneak peeks into the Wizard of Ends books and characters.

15. When and where will Wizard of Ends be available for purchase, and at what cost?
Wizard of Ends Books 1 and 2 will be published on 9 and 23 October respectively, and will first be available from Smashwords, after which other retailers like Barnes & Noble and iBooks will stock them. Book 1 will be permanently free, and Book 2 will be discounted to only 99c on the day of publication, after which it will cost $2.99.

Wizard of Ends, Book 1
When Lashlor Leaflin offers to escort Queen Narraki Dragonsbane to the Jeltar Woods, he’s unwittingly caught up in a magical adventure of the type he would rather not have.

The sorceress Assassa believes the Land of Ends to be rightfully hers, but King Lanaran refuses to hand over his crown. In retaliation, the sorceress conjures creatures of darkness to hunt the queen and end her life. Lashlor helps where he can, but it isn’t easy when the Guards of Ends who protect the queen believe him to be false.

A confrontation with Assassa will be the death of him, Lashlor is certain. However, the king insists on his help and it soon becomes apparent that he may have no choice.

On sale now at Smashwords!

Wizard of Ends, Book 2
Escorted by soldiers of Ends, Lashlor sets out to find an old flame, Rune Arcana, the only person who can help to remove the curse placed on the Queen of Ends. Lashlor believes that Rune currently resides in the Mountains of Eclador – a place from which no one has returned in all of recorded history. She could refuse his request. She could be dead. Lashlor and his companions could meet the same fate.

If they do not brave the mountains, however, Queen Narraki will remain in the form of a rabid creature of darkness… forever.

Forever is a long time, and King Lanaran fears the Wizard of Ends will not return. Ignoring Lashlor’s advice not to meddle with the curse, the king employs other magic users to attempt to undo the dark magic.

Preorder it at Smashwords!

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