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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reader goodies for DISCIPLE, PART IV

Disciple is a fantasy series, so maps are to be expected. All of my books come with a map of the kingdom of Wodenberg, which includes some of its neighbors. Part II and Part III included a city map as well.

Part IV begins to introduce Wodenberg's neighbor Caercoed a bit more. I hope the index in the back of the book helps with the rush of new characters. There's a new map for the place names.

Since an ebook's screen is only so big, I always include a link to the goodies page where readers can see a larger map. Introducing the newest addition to my Reader Goodies page:

Click to embiggen, of course.

Caercoed is divided into five ancient duchies. Within those are an as-yet unknown number of margravates (along the borders) and baronies. A line of high mountains cuts the kingdom off from its neighbors, save for two well-guarded passes: Dwyncraig and Eryr. Nearly all trade comes by sea to the port at Arforddinas.

It's a large and rich land. The alliance between the two kingdoms needs a marriage to cement it solidly, and Prince Kiefan was naturally the top candidate in Wodenberg. Now that he's king, he's even more eligible -- and Kate knows he will obey the saints, however much she loves him or he loves her.

Back cover of Disciple, Part IV
Kate can’t avoid the simple truth any longer; as much as she loves Kiefan, he’s now the king and his duties leave him precious little time for her and their newborn son. Kate’s husband Anders, the ne’er-do-well knight, is the one who kisses her cheek every morning and soothes the baby to sleep on his shoulder. 

Kiefan’s protective jealousy still casts a shadow over her life. He would gladly throw Anders to the wolves if it will keep alliance negotiations from collapsing. Their homeland desperately needs these allies against the invading Empire. The kingdom barely survived the first wave of the enemy’s monstrous army and more is to come. 

But Kate can’t stand by and let Anders become a victim — or let Kiefan suspect she’s falling in love with her husband. 

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