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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coming in July...

Blogger Book Fair!
I've signed up for the Blogger Book Fair, July 22 - 26. It's a big cross-promotion event, so I'll be hosting authors here and guest posting at other blogs. The book fair includes a Reader's Choice Awards, so check the sign-up list for your favorite authors and vote!

I'm still working out exactly what I'll do for BBF, but it will be a great chance to promote the upcoming Disciple, Part III -- stay tuned for announcements.

To-do list
I've reached the end of Hawks  & Rams, for now, and I'm putting it down for a while so I can work on:
  • Second draft of Fire's First Kiss and send it to betas.
  • Look over Disciple, Part III again before it goes to the editor. Especially the new scenes I wrote.
  • I'm going to need a "Next Big Thing" post for Part III, but I don't know who to talk about in the casting part yet. 
  • Need to write back cover copy for Part III. Oy.
  • Finish beta reading for crit partners. 
  • There's an SF short story idea that hit me during Balticon that I ought to work on. 
  • Going to my first meeting of the WSFA on Friday. Already feeling shy, but must do this. 
  • ...and there's this fragment of a scene that turned up recently. It's definitely science fiction despite being set in Disciple's universe -- which has really gotten me wondering how such a world would industrialize. Someone keeps whispering "The Ancient is the last saint to venture into space, and we've been on eggshells since (pronoun unclear) came aboard" in my ear... 

Cover parade 

Friday, June 14, 2013


Welcome to HEAVEN'S CORE, the sci-fi romance by Erika Garduno!

Book Blurb
When lives are decided by the end of the blade, what happens when it’s forever sheathed?

Ten years ago, aliens made contact with Earth, offering technology and cures for diseases in exchange for water. The world watched as peace was made, seventy billion miles brought together.

But not all felt this union was a good thing. On both alien and human sides, Rebels opposed the treaty and some would do anything to break up this intergalactic bond. Earth had an answer to those who threatened it: the Core, a group of mercenaries that dealt with Rebels by any means necessary.

As a member of the Core for three years, Hannibal is good at what he does. But the bodies he’s piled up are starting to weigh heavily on his shoulders and he knows what the Core does isn’t justice, but murder.

Hannibal escapes the Core headquarters in search of his own peace. While on the run, he’s injured but is taken in by a Tez. Problem is, she is beautiful, vivacious, and a Rebel, his sworn enemy. Hannibal’s training has taught him to kill her on sight. He finds his duties get much harder with each passing day. But if he doesn’t do the job, there’s a long list of colleagues that will.

Peaceful aliens... well, we've all heard stories of how that can go wrong. Naturally, I had a few questions for Hannibal.

What are the rebel humans so afraid of that they want to destroy this alliance? What are the alien rebels afraid of?
I’ve never really understood the Rebels’ or Lexans’ thinking. Since the aliens came from Lexa, diseases have been cured, fossil fuels have been replaced…It doesn’t make sense to me. From what I’ve seen, it’s all about segregation. Rebels (both alien and human) believe Earth belongs to humans and there should be war for the fate of the planet. They claim that the species should be separated. I’ve wondered if there is more than that…Who knows? Discrimination is what it is.

Why did you decide to support the Core?
I was young and school didn’t work out. The Core promised meals and to teach skills. Kind of like a special ops military. I felt like my life was better in that direction. But what the Core does is much more, and much worse, than they lead on.

Where did you get your training? 
The Core provides everything. The only stipulation is that all evidence of my existence was erased. No fingerprints, no identity. They even bio-mechanically altered my DNA. That’s why my hair is silver.

What do you do to relax?
Clean my sword. I know, sounds boring and not very relaxing, but my sword, Petra, has done more for me than any human. Seeing it shine, glitter in the sun, gives me a sense of peace.

Seeing anybody? Any serious relationships? (at the beginning of the book)
I’ve never had any real relationships. The Core provides its men with something called the Hotel, which is basically a whorehouse. But I never enjoyed there. And since I met Tez…

Where do you see yourself in five years?
If I was asked this at the beginning of my journey, I would have said dead. Truly. I’d always felt I would have died by the sword. Probably mine. As each day went on it became worse. The Core has so many restrictions and no one is allowed to be themselves. I’m not much of a spokesmen for the Core, am I?

After the book…well, my author would like me to say to read it and you’ll know the answer.

Everyone who comments on the HEAVEN'S CORE blog tour is entered for a chance to win a print copy of the book! Check out Erika's blog for more tour stops.

Find it at:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Ebulon, the last human city, is under attack by the largest confederation of orcs ever assembled. Against this monstrous force, there's little hope of surviving -- save that their King has a most unique ability. Knowing that his brave troops cannot protect his city on their own, he calls for aid across all worlds, desperately hoping that his pleas for help don’t fall on deaf ears.

Answering the call, heroes from other worlds rally to offer their aid. But even with their help, victory is far from assured as the drums of war haunt the air. The battle is about to begin.

15 authors bring characters from their collective works together in this epic crossover anthology, creating incredible stories of heroism, selflessness and bravery.

Brand-new story for Disciple
The saints did not ignore a plea for help, despite that Wodenberg faces its own invasion soon enough. Saint Qadeem sent Kate to serve Ebulon as a healer... and more.

Continuity: this story happens between the end of Disciple, Part II and the beginning of Part III. It's not part of Disciple's storyline, but it doesn't clash with anything either.

Sample from "Entry Point" by L. Blankenship:
The portal of woven kir let me pass, tearing like cobwebs across my arm held before my face. Fresh snow on paving stones crunched under my boot. And the moment my ears reached this new world, this place that had begged for help, the crashing and shouting of battle filled them.

I stood in a small square, at the foot of a snow-covered statue of a knight on a rearing horse, within sight of city walls and a barred gate. The battlements stood above the timber-and-shingle houses, full of men fighting and surging back and forth.

A shadow fell across me; I turned and saw a riveted brigantine over a mail shirt. Shoulders wrapped in bear fur. Above that, a scowling, scarred man in a battered helmet.

“Who else comes?” he demanded, glaring at the green cloud of kir I’d stepped through. It faded now, shedding tiny stars. “Who else! King Yadi begged for aid and you —” The knight gestured at me, half shrugging. “Who are you?”

I gripped the strap of my medicine bag, across my chest, in both hands. That steadied me. “I’m Kate Bockmann.” I  straightened as much as I could, but I still didn’t reach his shoulder; he was a huge man. “Saint Qadeem heard your call for help and sent me.”

A second knight, striding across the square from a formation of some hundred, looked puzzled by me, but not so angry. “Vess, what do we have?”

“We have a girl,” Vess answered, stepping aside and presenting me with a sweep of his arm. “Fifty thousand orcs at the gate and they send us a fucking handmaid."

Friday, June 7, 2013


Crow's taking a short flight through the blogs, and I was glad to offer a roost. I was intrigued by the book blurb (and loved the banner) so I wanted to ask a few questions of Tarsha, the girl that Crow wants to give up his life of crime for. 

So, Tarsha, how did you and Crow meet? 
I am, as I’m sure you’ve heard, a professional dancer. Crow came to all of my shows and it wasn’t hard to tell he was completely smitten. Of course a lot of men are smitten and it is something I’ve become used to. He wanted to see me—off the stage, you know—but I turned him down. Still, he never gave up. He used to come to as many of my shows as he could, even when I travelled from city to city. Such dedication! And he was awfully cute…

Tell us about something sweet Crow did.
He stole a valuable jewel from Baron Duzayan. Just for me! Isn’t that precious?

When/how did you find out what he does for a living? 
When I first started seeing him, Crow told me he transported things—usually small, specialty items for the well-to-do. I had no idea what sorts of things until I met Captain Tanris! I was shocked. I tried to tell myself I shouldn’t have been, that it explained that brooding, mysteriousness he wore so easily...

Does it bother you?
There’s an obvious thrill to his occupation, certainly, but I don’t have the same confidence as he does that he’ll never be caught. Especially after, well… I shouldn’t say anything about that. I hope you’ll forgive me? But really, that kind of work demands a very strong, very limber physique. Crow isn’t a warrior, by any means, but he is quite, quite talented.

Why did you stick with him through such dangerous work? 
As I said, there was the thrill. We sometimes had to do some personal transportation of our own, staying ahead of the authorities. And then there was that terrible man, Raza Qimeh, that kept hounding us! He thought he was the best thing since turtle soup. He might be tall and good looking, but he’s wasn’t half the man Crow was. Er… is.

What are your personal goals, and how does Crow fit in with them?
I would like to retire, of course. A woman can’t dance forever, even if she has mountains of admirers. I’ve always dreamed of living comfortably in an apartment on the hillside overlooking the emperor’s palace. It’s so pretty! And of course there would have to be fancy balls and jewels and elegant dinners. 

If the two of you struck it rich tomorrow, what would you do with the money?
Oh, I’d invest some of it. Carefully, of course. There are so few money men you can really trust, but one of my old friends is quite good at it. We still keep in touch. I would definitely buy that apartment. And do some shopping. A woman can never have enough shoes...

“One more job” means that Crow, a notorious thief, can retire with Tarsha, the woman of his dreams, but “one more job” may just mean his life.

When Crow sets out to steal that last brilliant treasure and seek a life of ease and pleasure with the jewel of his heart, he seriously underestimates his mark, the Baron Duzayan. For a thief, getting caught is never a good thing. Getting caught by a wizard is even worse. Under threat of death by poison, Crow is coerced into stealing an improbable, mythical prize. To satisfy the wizard's greed and save the life of his lady love, he must join forces with Tanris, the one man Crow has spent his entire career avoiding.

But what's a man to do when stealing that fabled prize could level an empire and seal his fate?

From a dungeon black as night, to the top of a mountain peak shrouded in legend, a man’s got to do what he must. Unless, of course, he can think of a better plan…

After many years spent tending to a prince, three princesses and a king, Scribe Robin is now free to take to her tower to write tales about wizards and magic, fantastical places and extraordinary journeys. From time to time, when she is not writing, she invokes the magic of Photoshop to create maps, scenery, insignias, book covers, and various bits and pieces of artwork suitable for use in the mysterious ether plane. She has regularly been victorious at the NaNoWriMo tourneys, and has several books in various stages of progress in addition to a published work of fiction about a thief and his trusty sidekick. Now if only she could find that spell for manipulating time so that she could turn all of her ideas into stories...

Find Robin online:

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