DISCIPLE continues...

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The six-part Disciple series continues...

Disciple, Part IV
Available March 1, 2014

Back cover
Kate can’t avoid the simple truth any longer; as much as she loves Kiefan, he’s now the king and his duties leave him precious little time for her and their newborn son. Kate’s husband Anders, the ne’er-do-well knight, is the one who kisses her cheek every morning and soothes the baby to sleep on his shoulder.

Kiefan’s protective jealousy still casts a shadow over her life. He would gladly throw Anders to the wolves if it will keep alliance negotiations from collapsing. Their homeland desperately needs these allies against the invading Empire. The kingdom barely survived the first wave of the enemy’s monstrous army and more is to come.

But Kate can’t stand by and let Anders become a victim — or let Kiefan suspect she’s falling in love with her husband.

What to look for? 
Fire's First Kiss, the prologue to Disciple, will be on sale HERE for a LIMITED TIME... I am looking at possible limited-edition goodies like prints of the banner above... there will be a HALF-OMNIBUS ebook edition of Disciple, compiling the first three parts along with all of the appendix materials, maps, and a combined character index...

Read Kate's adventure in the embattled city of Ebulon at Wattpad!
Published the free anthology The Battle of Ebulon. It's a non-canon story, but it's fun.

each under $5!


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