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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fire's First Kiss: the prologue to DISCIPLE

Fire's First Kiss
is now available... but only through Kickstarter campaigns

Back cover: 
When the Empire first marched on Wodenberg, Kate was only a timid apprentice learning her craft. Kiefan strained at the leash to prove himself to his father and Saint Woden. Anders weighed his chances of seeking greener pastures elsewhere. A moon’s turning before the secret mission to Caercoed, they each faced a trial by fire.

Something special for my readers...  
Fire's First Kiss is a novella-sized bonus for readers who supported my Kickstarter campaigns. It offers a glimpse of Kate, Kiefan and Anders shortly before they officially "met" at the beginning of Disciple, Part I -- but it shouldn't be read until after Part II (or later.)

Cover art by Faiz, coming through in a pinch when my other cover fell through!

Why only through Kickstarter? 
Before I began writing Disciple, I wrote what amounted to a hefty short story to clarify my thoughts about the world, the characters, the narrative voice, etc. The story was never intended to be seen by anybody, and as I started writing Disciple it became increasingly outdated -- though the events were still important.

When I ran my Kickstarter campaigns, I offered to re-write this prologue as a pledge incentive. Some people signed up for it and the campaigns succeeded, so now I am fulfilling the last of my Kickstarter promises!

Fire's First Kiss will only be available during Kickstarter campaigns because I want it to be a special extra something for my readers.

Here's the Goodreads page for it.

When's the next Kickstarter? 
Well... I've run out of ISBNs, actually, and I will need to buy another block of them before I publish Disciple, Part IV... but I have not set a date yet.

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