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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Part III blog tour, link round-up

It's been an interesting blog tour, so I wanted to collect the links for future reference. Character interviews, writing thoughts, etc...

My interview at Spirit Called
My interview at Panusher
Kate's interview as of the middle of Part III
Saint Woden's interview
Elect Parselev's interview
Anders' interview as of the beginning of Part III

Podcast with Anthony DeRouen! It turns out we've both written fantasy novels about young women who are healers and self-published them. What're the chances, right? We talked about self-publishing and prioritizing because you can't do everything.

Recursive plotting at Mathew's blog (previous recursive plotting post at Bluestocking)

Disciple, Part III on sale now! See the list of retailers

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fire's First Kiss: the prologue to DISCIPLE

Fire's First Kiss
is now available... but only through Kickstarter campaigns

Back cover: 
When the Empire first marched on Wodenberg, Kate was only a timid apprentice learning her craft. Kiefan strained at the leash to prove himself to his father and Saint Woden. Anders weighed his chances of seeking greener pastures elsewhere. A moon’s turning before the secret mission to Caercoed, they each faced a trial by fire.

Something special for my readers...  
Fire's First Kiss is a novella-sized bonus for readers who supported my Kickstarter campaigns. It offers a glimpse of Kate, Kiefan and Anders shortly before they officially "met" at the beginning of Disciple, Part I -- but it shouldn't be read until after Part II (or later.)

Cover art by Faiz, coming through in a pinch when my other cover fell through!

Why only through Kickstarter? 
Before I began writing Disciple, I wrote what amounted to a hefty short story to clarify my thoughts about the world, the characters, the narrative voice, etc. The story was never intended to be seen by anybody, and as I started writing Disciple it became increasingly outdated -- though the events were still important.

When I ran my Kickstarter campaigns, I offered to re-write this prologue as a pledge incentive. Some people signed up for it and the campaigns succeeded, so now I am fulfilling the last of my Kickstarter promises!

Fire's First Kiss will only be available during Kickstarter campaigns because I want it to be a special extra something for my readers.

Here's the Goodreads page for it.

When's the next Kickstarter? 
Well... I've run out of ISBNs, actually, and I will need to buy another block of them before I publish Disciple, Part IV... but I have not set a date yet.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

On sale now: Disciple, Part III


On sale now at:

More e-retailers

Paperbacks on sale at:     

Put it on your to-read list at Goodreads!

Back cover
Kate fought for her place as a healer in the war’s front lines. Serving her homeland has been her goal since her magical gifts earned her a coveted apprenticeship with the kingdom’s greatest healer. She believes she’s prepared.

But nothing’s simple when defending a besieged capital city — or her heart.

She loves the prince, who means to protect her even though his duties as a knight keep him on the battlements, fighting the enemy’s monstrous army.

Kate’s husband is the one who checks on her, lingers over dinner, and slowly but surely charms her. She’s all too aware that her beloved prince threatened to kill him if he touches her.

As the enemy thunders against the city walls, the kingdom needs more from Kate than just her healing magic. All disciples must put aside their tangled feelings and stand in the homeland’s defense.

Kate believed she's ready for a war. She isn't.

Halfway mark!
Disciple is a six part series, finished and just in need of polishing before publication. I wouldn't leave my readers hanging for years between books. :)

Disciple, Part IV coming in early 2014!

Coming September 15, 2013: 
Fire's First Kiss, the prologue novella for Disciple,
for my Kickstarter supporters!
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