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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coming in July...

Blogger Book Fair!
I've signed up for the Blogger Book Fair, July 22 - 26. It's a big cross-promotion event, so I'll be hosting authors here and guest posting at other blogs. The book fair includes a Reader's Choice Awards, so check the sign-up list for your favorite authors and vote!

I'm still working out exactly what I'll do for BBF, but it will be a great chance to promote the upcoming Disciple, Part III -- stay tuned for announcements.

To-do list
I've reached the end of Hawks  & Rams, for now, and I'm putting it down for a while so I can work on:
  • Second draft of Fire's First Kiss and send it to betas.
  • Look over Disciple, Part III again before it goes to the editor. Especially the new scenes I wrote.
  • I'm going to need a "Next Big Thing" post for Part III, but I don't know who to talk about in the casting part yet. 
  • Need to write back cover copy for Part III. Oy.
  • Finish beta reading for crit partners. 
  • There's an SF short story idea that hit me during Balticon that I ought to work on. 
  • Going to my first meeting of the WSFA on Friday. Already feeling shy, but must do this. 
  • ...and there's this fragment of a scene that turned up recently. It's definitely science fiction despite being set in Disciple's universe -- which has really gotten me wondering how such a world would industrialize. Someone keeps whispering "The Ancient is the last saint to venture into space, and we've been on eggshells since (pronoun unclear) came aboard" in my ear... 

Cover parade 

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