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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Diviner's Prophecy

I have taken over Ms. Blankenship's blog today and have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to Dowager Duchess Damara of House Florett who is here to instruct us in Court Etiquette.

Nicolette: Lady Florett, thank you for joining me today and teaching Ms. Blankenship's readers how to behave in proper company.

Duchess Damara: Lady Andrews, I am honored to have the opportunity to instruct you in the ways of court life. If you do not mind I would like to start our lesson right away.

N: By all means, go ahead.

DD: Well I must advise you that your address to me was incorrect. Though my husband has departed this world, I do still hold the title of Dowager Duchess. For someone, like yourself, to address me you should start by calling me, ‘your grace’. Similarly if I were to address you I call you by ‘my lady’, though you do not hold a title it is a form of respect.

N: Oh, I think I understand now and how would you, say talk to someone who is higher up than you?

DD: Well, there are few who are higher placed than I, but if I were to meet the Queen at a social gathering, I would address her as ‘your majesty’ but if I were to say, run into her nephew the Prince Heir, I would address him as ‘your highness’, do you see?

N: I think I get it now. Kings and Queens are ‘your majesty’ and Prince or Princess ‘your highness’?

DD: you are a quick study.

N: Why thank you. Now that we’ve established greetings, what does one do all day at court?

DD: For each individual it is different, women are expected to know how to sew and do fine mending and embroidery. There is entertainment to be found in the Hall of Entertainment or walking in the garden as well.

N: Sounds like you live the life of leisure to me.

DD: Well there’s always politicking, if you get bored with the more mundane aspects of court life.

N: care to elaborate on what politicking might involve?

DD: Let’s just say, if you don’t like who is in power, there are ways of convincing people to join your way of thinking.

N: That was a rather obtuse answer.

DD: Naturally.

N: Well, any parting words of wisdom for someone who wishes to visit a royal court soon?

DD: Remember to keep your eyes open and if in doubt, give someone more respect than they’ve earned, flattery gets you everywhere.

Thank you, your grace, for taking time to talk with us today and thank you, Ms. Blankenship (curtsies and murmurs "You're very welcome, m'lady") for letting me take over your blog. You can learn more about Damara and court life in my novel, Diviner’s Prophecy now on sale at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords and many other retailers.

You can also find Nicolette Andrews at her website, on Facebook, or Twitter.


Nicolette Andrews said...

Thank you again for letting me take over the blog!

W Nelson said...

Love it!! =c) wendy

Carolina said...

Ah Damara, such a character!

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