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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Disciple, Part II now on sale

The Official Announcement

Disciple, Part II, is now available at major e-retailers.
Barnes & Noble

Paperbacks available at

Back cover copy:
The prince first kissed Kate Carpenter for fear of missing the chance if they didn’t survive the journey home through the monster-prowled mountains.

Now that kiss seems like a fever dream. It’s back to work for her, back to the fellow physicians jealous of her talents and the sneers of an infirmary director who wants her shipped off to some tiny village. Kate means to be on the front lines to save lives. She’s worked too hard to overcome her past to let them deny her the chance to serve her homeland when the enemy’s army reaches their kingdom.

The grand jousting tournament is a chance to prove she can manage combat wounded, and at the royal Solstice banquet Kate means to prove she isn’t an ignorant peasant girl anymore.

But the prince’s kiss still haunts her. Their paths keep crossing, and the easy familiarity they earned on the journey home is a welcome escape from their duties. It’s a small slip from chatting to kisses.

This is no time to be distracted by romance -- a vast and powerful empire is coming to slaughter anyone standing between them and the kingdom’s magical fount.

Kate ought to break both their hearts, for duty’s sake.

Praise for Disciple, Part I:
"In this book, Ms. Blankenship establishes her presence on the same shelves as those epic fantasy reads belonging to Martin, to Tolkien, and to Jordan. Hers, however, is uniquely female, and in that, it's refreshing. You find tremendous voice which I imagine in my mind as a Scottish brogue that sets the flavor of the entire piece. And when the author pulls monsters out of her hat, they're so real and visceral I feel like I'm actually there battling for my life."
- Michael Offutt, author of Slipstream and Oculus

Blog tour begins April 1st
Watch for world-building extras, A-Z Blogfest entries, amd the Goodreads give-away!

Revised: one of my world-building posts is already up: on symbolism.

Next up...
...why, Disciple, Part III of course. And now that I've finished all six parts of Disciple, other ideas are competing for attention. Which will I write first...

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Nate and Angie said...

I loved your interview on the Unicorn Bell blog. Congratulations on your new book, I have added it to my list of books to read :)

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