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Friday, February 1, 2013

World Building Blogfest: Excerpt

It feels strange to be posting an infodump as a sample of Disciple, Part II. That's not a good way to draw in readers! But this is the last day of the World Building Blogfest, so here you go:

Elect Parselev wrote a letter at his desk while I sat in the spare chair and read the book he’d handed me. His office was cool despite the beam of sunlight through the window under the south-facing eaves, but smelled pleasantly of drying bergamot and mint. I sat with legs crossed on the seat, leaning over the book and tracing my finger across the words as I worked them out. Parselev had written it himself, years ago, and he had sketched illustrations in the generous margins. His work was as fine as any craft-hand’s.

“Did you see these starving people yourself?” I asked.

His quill stopped scratching. His voice was quieter than I expected when he answered. “I did.”

“Was it a drought?”

There was no indication of who the people were, or where; he merely described the stages of starvation as they manifested in flesh and kir. The few faces included were ordinary enough, though I saw no Blessings.

“When Arcea conquered Suevia, miles of crops were burnt and grain stores captured or destroyed. Without food and without seed for the spring, no drought was needed. Arcea was little inclined to aid a people who had fought them so hard. Or to allow Wodenberg to aid them. I made those observations during a diplomatic mission to Temitte.”

My gaze lingered on the black ink sketch of a man’s bony hand with the kir whorls overlaid in red. I wondered how much would be lost in the spring, for a moment. “Arcea left them to starve? My parents never spoke of starving after Wodenberg conquered Englia.”

“Our wish was to incorporate Englia, not to rape it. Saint Ethmund was slain, yes, but the people were not left helpless as the Suevi were.”

Ethmund had been the saint of Englia; my parents had spoken of him often enough. “Surely the Suevi elect still defended their people?”

“A saint is more than a leader and protector. He is the link between the founts of his kingdom and his people. When Saint Seaxneat was killed, every elect, blessed and disciple was left with what kir they had or what they could draw from others. Arcea’s elect and the saints they sent to murder him, however, had the empire’s kir to tap and they took ownership of Suevia’s founts as well. She lost her saint, her royal bloodline, her elect, many of the blessed as well… and the common folk starved. They will do no less, here. Now, I need to finish this letter.”

My gaze crept to him, as he inked his pen, and my heart quavered in my chest. Arcea would murder him, if they could. Kiefan. Would they kill Anders, for being the king’s bastard? Me, for being the Elect’s student?

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Rebekah Loper said...

Just read through all of your worldbuilding posts, and I'll be honest and say that yours was one of the few I've read so far that I didn't yawn at least partway through. You've obviously thought out everything very well, and have so much to pull from for your plot. Can't wait to see where you go with it from here!

L. Blankenship said...

Thanks! This blogfest turned into more of a challenge than I expected...

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