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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Last Priestess blog tour

Welcome to Elizabeth Baxter, fellow Magic Appreciation Tour author!

We’re celebrating the release of The Last Priestess today. The Last Priestess is a fantasy novel by author Elizabeth Baxter. Purchase the book today!

There is a name that is uttered only in whispers. The Songmaker. A ruthless rebel mage, he is bringing civil war to the once-peaceful kingdom of Amaury, enveloping all in a tide of violence. For Maegwin, a tormented priestess, the path forward lies in forgiving her temple's enemies—but she dreams only of revenge. For Rovann, a loyal mage haunted by his failures, salvation might be found in the unthinkable: defying the very king he swore to protect. If they are to succeed they must form an unlikely alliance. For someone must stand against the Songmaker. Someone must save Amaury from his dark designs. But first, they’ll have to learn to trust each other.

And so a magical fantasy of darkness and redemption begins.

Read an excerpt:
Hands grasped her beneath the armpits and pulled her up. She tried to stand, feet scrabbling against the platform, but her legs kept folding beneath her. The hands lifted her onto a stretcher.

The crowd erupted into a chorus of angry shouting. Someone — Shador? — said, “Open the gates. Disperse the crowd and make sure nobody hangs around outside. I’ve seen riots start this way.”

Everything went dim and from the silence, Maegwin guessed she had been taken back inside. She was lifted onto something soft. Cool hands probed her neck. After a moment, they retreated.

“Will she live?”

“I think so.”

There was the chink of a kettle and the sound of pouring water. A hand lifted her head from the pillow.

“Maegwin? I need you to drink. It will help you.”

A cup was set against her lips and a warm liquid dribbled into her mouth. She swallowed reflexively. The fluid tasted bitter and it scraped her throat raw, as though she was drinking molten metal. She gasped, slumping back onto the pillow.

“Give it a moment. It will pass.”

About Elizabeth Baxter:
I've been a bookworm since I was five years old. The first book I ever read was about a boy going shopping with his mum. I picked it up from my brother's bedroom floor and suddenly those strange shapes on the page made sense. I could read! Hallelujah! I was soon working my way steadily through the school library and it wasn't long before I realised that stories about dragons, elves and great big talking lions were by far the most interesting. And that was it, my obsession with fantasy fiction was born.

I wrote and published my first book when I was six. This was a rip-roaring adventure tale called “The Golden Pheasant,” about, well, a golden pheasant. I wrote out three copies on bits of paper pulled from my school books, bound them in covers made from old cereal boxes, and gave them out to my teachers. And that’s it. I was a writer!

When I’m not writing I enjoy playing tennis (badly), playing the guitar (very badly) and watching cricket whenever I can. I’m also intent on cramming as much world travel as I can into one lifetime. Funny, but my list keeps getting longer. You can never see it all can you?

Places to connect with Elizabeth Baxter:
Author blog
Amazon author page


Tyrean Martinson said...

Sounds like a fun and exciting read!

Small Blonde Hippy said...

Thanks for featuring me on your blog!

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