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Monday, February 25, 2013

Elements of Sorcery blog tour

Christopher Kellen's Elements of Sorcery blog tour stops by today and I had some world-building questions for him (of course.) SORCERER'S BLOOD is the third book in the Elements of Sorcery series, and will be on sale March 1st.

Elements of Sorcery #1
What's the most dangerous thing about being a sorcerer, in this world?

The fact that the very essence that gives the sorcerer his power--manna--is actually deadly to the sorcerer and anyone else until it's transformed by the sorcerer's will. In order to be a sorcerer, the first thing one must learn is to construct a mental channel that allows the manna to be changed by the sorcerer's intentions. It's not something you can practice. If you get it wrong the first time, the manna steals away the fledgling sorcerer's soul and turns them into a monster. Only those who get it right on the first try, and then on every try after that, survive to be a sorcerer.

Second only to that is the ever-present threat of corruption. Leave an enchantment running too long and the manna will "sour" and change from azure blue to crimson red. The sorcerer usually gets to keep their soul in that case, but they are open to the influence of the ever-present Dark Gods, who lurk just beyond the edges of reality, waiting for a chance to exert their influence.

Elements of Sorcery #2
What's the best thing about being a sorcerer? Why did Edar Moncrief pursue this career?

Moncrief is a puzzle-solver. If this were a world with any kind of technology (if anyone were able to live long enough to actually invent stuff and pass it on without being thoroughly taken in by manna) he would be an engineer. He loves to tinker, to discover the reasons behind why things work. Being a sorcerer allows him to go searching for ancient works and trying to understand how his predecessors made certain seemingly-impossible things happen.

It's really the only way to satisfy his natural curiosity. The fact that it also grants him a lot of raw power helps, but it's not his primary motivation.

What sort of authority and responsibility do sorcerers have in this world?

They have a responsibility to walk their path without giving over to the lure of corruption. Some sorcerers in the past have even embraced the dark way, but they always end up insane and dead quickly in the end. Unfortunately, there's no established hierarchy of sorcerers. There's no club, no school and no 'high council'. It's just a few brave or foolhardy folks delving into the most dangerous of the arts... but perhaps it's better than living the short, brutish and deadly life that belongs to the regular peasant class.

As far as authority goes, they're more feared than respected. A sorcerer is a dark creature, the peasants whisper. Dangerous, unpredictable. They could turn on you at any moment. City folk will tolerate one for a while, generally (there are exceptions, like the city in which SORCERER'S BLOOD takes place) and peasant folk hate and revile them.

All in all, a lonely road to walk, but that doesn't bother Moncrief. He prefers to be alone, anyway.

Does Moncrief have a talent for getting in trouble, or is he just really unlucky?

Moncrief's sole motivation (at the time of SORCERER'S BLOOD) is safety and security. He wants nothing more than to simply settle back down into the lab he was forced to burn to escape the Arbiter that threatened to kill him in SORCERER'S CRIME. He's by no means just unlucky. It's his desire to understand that's gotten him into trouble so far--if he'd left well enough alone, he could still be safe in his original lab. His drive for comprehension keeps getting him into places he'd rather not be, and once you've left home behind, it's very difficult to find it again.

And to wrap it up, what's your next project?

Right now I'm working on DESTINY, Book Three of the Arbiter Codex. After that, I have a science fiction novella on my plate, as well as the other two Elements of Sorcery books before the end of the year, and maybe another sci-fi novel (following up my book SINS OF THE FATHER) if time permits. I'm always trying to keep busy!

Elements of Sorcery #3
Sorcerer's Blood will be on sale March 1st!
Six months after the events of SORCERER’S CRIME, Edar Moncrief has taken refuge in an ancient city. Within the walls of Selvaria, a war is brewing between the aristocrats and a cabal of sorcerers intent on seizing power, and Moncrief finds himself caught in the middle. Everything changes when Moncrief is assassinated… and survives. When he finds the trump card that the aristocrats intend to play in the war, he’ll have to step up and play hero, or an awful lot of innocent people will get caught in the crossfire. Does he have it in him?

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