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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

World Building Blogfest: History

Welcome to the World Building Blogfest. See yesterday's post for a bit about the nature of saints. Today, a timeline of Wodenberg's recent history.

200-250 years ago 
Wodenberg was an unusual kingdom, jointly ruled by Saint Woden and Saint Aleksandr, who considered themselves brothers despite that one was Alemanni and the other Russe. Saint Aleks was a master craftsman and a shape-shifter. Woden was a saint of warcraft. Their descendants, intermarried into one family, were the kings of the land. 

Then Saint Qadeem presented himself openly — no small thing in a world where saints murder each other for control of the magic kir-founts and to harvest each others’ talents. He came in good faith and full assurance of his own ability to survive such a meeting. 

He warned them of the Empress of Arcea, her intent to conquer the world, and her ability to see it through. The three saints spent several years discussing it, becoming friends, and eventually agreed to something new in the world: a trinity, sworn as equals, sharing founts. Qadeem and Aleksandr jointly developed the Blessings — something else never seen before — and bestowed them on all young folk of Wodenberg. Kir-gifted or not.  

About 50 years ago
The Empress invaded Suevia, Wodenberg's closest neighbor. Its saint, Seaxneat, was no friend of Woden's or Aleksandr's. Wodenberg's army mustered on the border, but only to defend it. Arcea's saints killed and harvested Seaxneat, took control of Suevia's founts, and set about cleansing the land of the saint’s bloodline -- which was also its royal family -- all its elect, and many of its blessed. 

Famine cut Suevia's population even further. Over the next few years, several attempts at rebellion were brutally put down. Mercia, the infant princess of Suevia, was kept alive and in hiding by her kinsmen, the Heathugrim. 

32 years ago
In a daring raid that nearly started a war, Prince Wilhelm of Wodenberg “abducted” Princess Mercia from Suevia. He took her home and married her. This was all pre-arranged, but they liked each other well enough. At first. 

22 years ago
The younger of King Wilhelm's two sons, Gerhardt, tumbled down the castle's great staircase, cracked his little head open on the stone steps, and died. Queen Mercia was inconsolable. Wilhelm mourned, moved on, and gradually wearied of his wife’s inability to do the same. Their marriage grew distant and strained.

21 years ago
The elder of the king’s two sons, Wilhelm, was thrown by his horse during a riding lesson and died. The queen blamed the king for the accident, and soon afterwards she moved into her own bedroom suite at the other end of the castle. It had been the nursery. 

They remained polite in public, but did little more than argue in private. 

Side note: Elect
Elect are kir-mages second only to the saints in power. They're more common than saints, but still only one in some thousands has the potential to become an elect. Saints seek them out, bind them, and offer a steady supply of kir in exchange for loyalty and mutual protection.
20 years ago
King Wilhelm led an army into the kingdom of Englia -- and was quite glad for the time away from his wife. Saint Woden rode with the king to oversee the invasion, and brought Wodenberg's only two elect: Parselev, and Prince Wolfgang, the king’s younger brother. By the end of summer, Saint Ethmund was dead and Englia conquered. Elect Wolfgang, sadly, did not survive the campaign.

19 years ago
King Wilhelm indulged in a brief affair with the equally lonely and miserable Baroness Frida Bockmann. Queen Mercia caught them, flew into a rage, and suffered her first serious fit. Frida later learned she was pregnant and her husband wanted to divorce her, but after a visit from Saint Woden they kept the child and their marriage. Anders was born late in the year. 

18 years ago
Driven by duty -- and, probably, the saints -- the king did what he must. Queen Mercia bore a third son, Kiefan. She refused to speak with, or be in the same room as, her husband after that. Her fits of rage and despair continued for some years, but her son's presence was a balm. 

4 years ago
A 12-year-old Englic peasant girl named Kate Carpenter, recently Blessed and claimed by Saint Qadeem, was sent to the Order to learn to read and write.

3 years ago
A knight caught his squire in bed with his wife, attempted to beat the squire to death, and demanded a duel. Anders won that duel, and his knighthood. Thus began his career as as the tempting bad boy that all the fathers of teenaged girls were losing sleep over.

2 years ago
Elect Parselev chose Kate Carpenter as his apprentice, overlooking more qualified students. Earlier that year, the piglet that was the linchpin of Kate’s dowry died of unknown causes — presumed to be illness. For want of the piglet, her betrothal was broken off and she returned to her studies, much to her father's disappointment. 

Summer Solstice, this year
Prince Kiefan was graduated from squire to full knighthood, after evaluation by Saint Woden.

Late Summer Moon, this year
The Empress of Arcea sent an army to Wodenberg. It laid siege to Ansehen, at the lower of the two passes through the southern hills, and King Wilhelm pulled together what garrisons were at hand to reinforce the town. In the battle, Prince Kiefan led a cavalry charge that shifted the odds to their favor. Arcea’s elect, faced with failure, set off an earthquake that destroyed Ansehen’s fortifications. Wodenberg won the battle, but at great cost. 

Arcea will return in the spring, with a larger army. 

1st of the Grain Moon
Prince Kiefan was sent across the uncharted mountains to ask the kingdom of Caercoed for aid. (Disciple, Part I begins here.)

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