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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No Kiss Blogfest

Welcome! I am kicking off my January blog tour with the No Kiss Blogfest!

A little background for this no-kiss scene: my narrator, Kate, was sent on Prince Kiefan's mission across the wild mountains as his physician -- she was only an apprentice, but her magical talent is growing and she was promoted for the job. The journey was long and dangerous, and she and Kiefan found that they shared an interest in philosophy and reading... and he kissed her, on the trip home. (That was Disciple, Part I.)

But he's a prince, doomed to a political marriage, and she's just a peasant-born physician. They agreed, in the castle garden, that they should be only friends.

Here's a no-kiss scene from Disciple, Part II -- they're trying so hard to ignore their chemistry --

He joined me just outside the door as I untied the bundle, and he tossed the cloth back inside when I got it free. “Are these all new essays in this book?” 

“I leafed through and saw several new titles. But I haven’t read any yet. I decided to wait when I came to one…” Kiefan faded into uncertainty, then, and I looked up from the page I’d opened to. His grey eyes had lost their smile, and that sank my heart. But he finished, voice low. “I found one titled ‘On Love and Fidelity’ and thought we could start with that. Forgetting, for a moment, what passed in the garden.” 

Sitting with him by a fire, warm and indoors rather than under a storm-beaten tarp, sharing an essay and the questions it posed — longing tore at me. “There wouldn’t be time, even if we could read it together,” tumbled out of my mouth. “They already think me an upstart peasant girl foisting some scam on the Elect. Whenever they look for me, I must be busy and sure.”


I shook my head. “I can prove myself.” 

“Kate —” 

“I will prove myself,” I said. I tried to hand the book to him. “Perhaps after… Arcea is turned back?” 

“Take it,” Kiefan said. “Read and remember it, and we can talk as I read it. You can return it at the Solstice banquet, if not sooner.” 

My brows took flight on their own. “The banquet?” 

“You’re physician to the castle. You’ll be expected,” he said. 

“Me?” My voice faded, still disbelieving. 

“Yes, you.” A bit of a smile tucked up the corner of his mouth. His fingers nearly stroked my cheek before he caught himself, clenched that hand in a fist. “I insist. You must return the book to me for Solstice. And we must get back before we’re missed.” 

We both regretted that, but it was true enough. 

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Liv said...

Too bad about the castle garden. ;) They have such great chemistry!

Hayley Lovell said...

Wow, wonderful chemistry!

prerna pickett said...

awesome almost kiss!

Amalia T. Dillin said...

gah. I love how surprised she is that she has to be at the banquet and how he INSISTS upon her presence!

Charity Bradford said...

I love how natural they are together and it so sucks that they try to be good. :) I can't wait to read part II!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Forbidden love is both sweetest and most bitter. You've put them in that bittersweet place, for sure. Beautifully done.

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Oh niiiiice! Thanks so much for posting this! And thanks for participating!

Larissa said...

I really enjoyed this one! Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I like the interplay of social norms and how both are bound by them. It would be easy to have one or both of them play the rebel just to fulfill the readers expectations.

Well done.

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