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Thursday, January 10, 2013

DISCIPLE: what I hear in my head

I love music. It's an important part of my writing habit and it greases the wheels of my creativity.

My iTunes collection is fairly hefty, and I've organized it into groups by flavor (melancholy, angry, upbeat, etc.) and energy level (ambient, dance-floor, heavy rock, etc.) so that I can tailor my background music to what I'm writing at the time.

I also create specific playlists for my projects. Those are songs that, for whatever reason, put me in the story's mind-set. Often it's easy to see why, but sometimes it isn't. It's not unusual for songs to attach themselves to characters, in my head, or to stories. Later in my blog tour, I'll tell you about the "theme songs" for my three main characters.

For now, the "theme songs" for Part I and II... and Part III. Since I've written all six parts of Disciple, all six do have theme songs. But I don't want to be spoilery. Note: the video is irrelevant, here. YouTube is just the most complete source and easy to embed.


There are tons of wonderful, melancholy love songs out there and a lot of them would fit Disciple well. "If You Could Only See" became one of Kiefan's melancholy songs early on in the story and fits a lot of the situations.


There are lots of chemicals being thrown around in Part II. XD My characters try to ignore the chemicals between them, and things get complicated as a result. Very complicated.

Sneak Peek -- PART III

A little explaining: in Part III, war arrives like an avalanche. Fitting a song to the violence and fear of a siege isn't easy -- the song that previously had the job was on the abstract and spiritual side. By luck, I heard this recent track by old fave Jane's Addiction and it instantly took over the role: the irresistible force is the enemy army, the immovable object is the walled city on the hill, and yes, the gods are real men. Plenty of banging, shock-waves, and unexpected blow-ups.

Just because I still love the previous theme song, here's a link to it: Live's "Run to the Water." Maybe it's a better fit, maybe not -- "Burnt to the core but not broken" describes the siege, too. Vote in the comments!

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