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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blog tour stop dishes geeky details

My writing addiction has pushed my knitting down to "hobby" status, but I've loved it for a long time. Today, my blog tour stops at White Knight Studio and I talk about natural fibers and color palettes in Disciple. Geeky, yes, I admit it's pretty geeky. But I've talked about both wool and alpaca over at my writing blog, so this should come as no surprise.

I love world-building and I get pulled down into the small details of it all the time. I have to take care not to blather on about something the reader will be bored to tears about -- just a little dash, to make the world feel real and lived-in.

Just as an update, I am working on writing the Disciple Prologue (it needs a title) which you'll only be able to get as a Kickstarter supporter. See the project page for more details on that.

The Storybundle.com offer ended yesterday -- an extra welcome to readers from the Holiday Bundle!

And I'll see you Saturday for the next blog tour stop.

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