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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hitting the ground running in 2013

Disciple's Kickstarter project begins January 1st! The Kickstarter project will be your chance to pre-order Part II and also get in on the Prologue offer... I wrote one, you see, back when I was getting settled into the Saints of War universe (that's what I call this fantasy world.) It was set before my main characters met each other, and it was a chance to work out the magic system, their personalities, things like that. Much of the magic is inaccurate, now, but there are some important personal moments in there.

I offered the Prologue as a bonus gift, when I ran the Kickstarter campaign for Part I. Since I did get some pledges at that level, I'm committed to rewriting the Prologue and publishing it for only the Kickstarter pledgers by November 2013. So if you're interested, make a pledge...

The blog tour begins here on the 2nd with the No Kiss Blogfest (have you signed up?), continues all month, and wraps up here again on the 31st.

Watch for three character interviews during the blog tour -- one with Kate, Kiefan, and Anders -- because they will come with character portraits! These portraits were created by S. Gina Shellie (link to DeviantArt.com profile) and I love them.

And watch for the soundtrack post! I've created a YouTube playlist of "theme songs" for my main characters.

See you on the 1st!

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