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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Feel Real Fantasy blog tour

Today’s stop on the Feel Real Fantasy blog tour celebrating the completion of the Rys Rising series by Tracy Falbe introduces readers to Alloi, a mighty magic user full of love.

Age: One hundred sixty eight
Physical appearance: Tall, dark grey skin, black hair, black eyes, feminine
Special skills: Charisma, kindness, battle magic, mindreading, controlling animals, inspiring loyalty, and shielding magic
Magical Items: Herself

Alloi is a female tabre and the devoted twin sister of Tempet. She is an elite magic user of the reclusive Drathatarlane Sect. She serves as an ambassador to the Kwellstan Sect. Tabre civilization is divided between the two Sects.

The leaders of the Drathatarlane Sect plan to use Alloi’s immense power to restore their Sect to its former glory and undermine the Kwellstan Sect’s authority throughout Nufal. Although Alloi is committed to this rivalry, she is driven most by compassion. Her role in her Sect’s schemes and conflicts is an unfortunate duty.

Alone among the entirety of the tabre race, Alloi feels sympathy for the rys Dacian when he is a prisoner of the Kwellstan Sect. All rys are reviled by tabre as abominations that should never have been created, but Alloi is able to see the brilliance within Dacian. She even offers to help him, but he knows that she alone cannot undo the prejudice of her race toward his. He rejects her assistance and chooses outright war instead.

As the war between the tabre and rys escalates, Alloi is driven to use her great powers in ever more violent battles. Despite her kind heart, she strives to kill her enemies. Although her power can protect whole armies from rys onslaughts, her greatest magic remains her ability to make others love her. She will use this to switch the religious faith of many humans to her leadership. In the end, the only scraps of mercy granted in the hellish conflict will derive from her selfless capacity to forgive.

Author’s feelings about the character:
With Alloi I wanted to work with the concept of great power with a good heart. She is almost always kind and polite. She is considerate of others, even humans who are generally regarded by most tabre as livestock you can talk to.

She is full of love and other tabre remark that she is “too good for us” or “better than us all.” Although she abhors violence, she still plays a crucial role throughout the war. Her magic supports her fierce twin brother who is a mighty warrior. Her vast spells also shield many warriors from rys battle magic. In Alloi I explored what it would feel like to be a wonderful almost angelic being but still have to endure the hatred of enemies. She fights because she will not let those who depend on her perish. Both the humans and tabre of Nufal need her power and the ideals of her heart do not outweigh their need.

From Rys Rising: Book I
The dusk deepened and the glow crystals throughout Alloi’s house brightened in response. She felt pity for Dacian. He and all his kind were an abomination, yet he seemed a noble being. Perhaps he was even better than all the tabre for not lashing out with violence after so much provocation.

Filling with affection, Alloi bent down and brushed his forehead with a tender kiss. Dacian’s eyes opened and she withdrew, embarrassed.

Dacian sat up and moved away from her. He groaned as the pain from the crosha returned but he waved her away.

“I must go back to the Altular,” he said.

“Dacian, no!” Alloi cried.

“It is the only way,” he said bitterly. “I can’t think with this pain eating my mind. I must rest and then find a way to get this off me.” He dug his fingernails into the skin around the crystal as if he might physically rip it from his flesh.

“Dacian, I will help you, I swear,” she insisted.

Embattled and alone, he was sorely tempted by her offer, but there was nothing to gain by accepting help from a Drathatarlane. Miserably, he explained, “Alloi, you have been kind, but I cannot accept your help. Jingten is controlled by the Kwellstan Sect. If I side with Drathatarlane, the Kwellstan might punish all rys.”

He stood up to leave. Alloi jumped up to prevent him. “Please, Dacian, I can help you!” she pleaded.

“Are you sure?” he demanded bitterly. “Are you sure the Drathatarlane will help a rys?”

Alloi hesitated. “I will convince them to aid the rys,” she said.

“You can try,” he said and headed for the door.

From New Religion: Rys Rising Book III
“Alloi,” Cruce said. “Alloi.”

Her eyelashes fluttered, and he brushed a lock of her silky hair behind her ear. She was so beautiful, and he felt an intense need to care for her.

When her eyes opened, they beamed with magical light that illuminated a tear rolling down a cheek. “They hate us,” she whispered from an abyss of unhappiness.

Cruce reached for his canteen and helped her drink.

Mer groaned and all the tabre started to rise from their faint. Tempet murmured for his sister and they clasped hands.

“Did you stop them?” Cruce asked, unable to be patient.

She sat up and rubbed her head. The battle of wills in which she had just participated had astounded her, and she felt altered. This lonely hillside so far from home chilled her, yet the burning need of the human next to her inspired her. She had already sensed how he was willing to fight their enemies, no matter the risk, and he deserved an explanation.

“May I call you Cruce?” she asked politely.

He nodded, surprised by her thoughtfulness.

She continued, “Cruce, we confronted the two who rule the rys. They are Dacian and Onja. Their wickedness is the creation of the Kwellstan Sect. We have come to help end this abomination. We blocked their attacks until we exhausted them. Hopefully they will not be able to harass us for a few days.”

Cruce wasted little mental energy trying to imagine their amazing deeds. “So we can go on?” he asked.
Alloi sighed. “Oh, we are tired. In the morning we will go.”

Cruce wanted to go that instant, but he knew that moving his men down the trail in the dark would be slow and likely hazardous. If they waited for morning light they would make better progress, but he hated the delay.

Sensing his impatience, Alloi said, “You need rest. You cannot fight without it.”

Cruce hung his head. “Divine Lady, I cannot sleep.” He clenched his fists, needing to fight his enemies that were beyond his reach.

“Will you let me help you?” she whispered and he knew that she referred to the spell of sleepiness.
Although he had hated it before, he welcomed its peace now, especially from her.

Alloi sensed his consent. “Set aside your sword,” she said.

He surmised that his sword was blocking even her magic. He walked over to the pine and propped his sword against its trunk. When he returned to Alloi, he laid down on the ground. Only the gentlest soothing tap of her magic was needed to guide him to sleep.

Tempet stood over the human male. “You like this one,” he commented.

“So do you,” Alloi said.

“He is brave,” Tempet said. “But having these humans in our midst will take getting used to.”

Tracy Falbe invites you to give her characters a chance to feel real to you. The Rys Rising fantasy series is driven by magic, passion, bravery, ambition, conquest, and defeat. Rys Rising: Book I is a free ebook and hopefully your gateway to an epic reading experience.

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