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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Plan

December plan:
  • Prepare the Kickstarter campaign for Disciple, Part II. Pre-order your copy of Part II and support its production costs! And hey, the project banner is also a sneak peek of the cover art:  
  • Prepare for Disciple's January 2013 Blog Tour to support Part I and the Kickstarter! If you are looking for a guest blogger for January, I still have Saturdays free except for the 4th. Comment below or email me!
  • Finish the first draft of Disciple, Part VI -- the final installment. Maybe take a few days off from writing! LOL! 
  • Premiere the cover art for Disciple, Part II!

Blog plan:

  • I hereby commit to a minimum of once a week posting at this blog: every Saturday.
  • There will be guest bloggers passing through on blog tours. I am active in both the Magic Appreciation Tour and the Blog Tour Exchange -- I'm also glad to host any blog tour related to fantasy or science fiction, in all their many flavors including those leaning horror-wards and those leaning romance-wards. But. No urban fantasy, please. YA fantasy and science fiction are welcome... though I feel I should point out that I don't generally read YA.  
  • If you want to blog tour here, I'm going to prefer guest posts about world-building and interviews that talk about world-building. Talking about research and listing favorite reference books a plus. Because I'm a world-building nut and devourer of non-fiction.

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