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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Plan

December plan:
  • Prepare the Kickstarter campaign for Disciple, Part II. Pre-order your copy of Part II and support its production costs! And hey, the project banner is also a sneak peek of the cover art:  
  • Prepare for Disciple's January 2013 Blog Tour to support Part I and the Kickstarter! If you are looking for a guest blogger for January, I still have Saturdays free except for the 4th. Comment below or email me!
  • Finish the first draft of Disciple, Part VI -- the final installment. Maybe take a few days off from writing! LOL! 
  • Premiere the cover art for Disciple, Part II!

Blog plan:

  • I hereby commit to a minimum of once a week posting at this blog: every Saturday.
  • There will be guest bloggers passing through on blog tours. I am active in both the Magic Appreciation Tour and the Blog Tour Exchange -- I'm also glad to host any blog tour related to fantasy or science fiction, in all their many flavors including those leaning horror-wards and those leaning romance-wards. But. No urban fantasy, please. YA fantasy and science fiction are welcome... though I feel I should point out that I don't generally read YA.  
  • If you want to blog tour here, I'm going to prefer guest posts about world-building and interviews that talk about world-building. Talking about research and listing favorite reference books a plus. Because I'm a world-building nut and devourer of non-fiction.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sample of Part II & announcements

And now, for your snacking pleasure... a few hundred words of Disciple, Part II that isn't the sample you read at the end of Part I.

I'm also happy to announce that Disciple, Part I is now available at Smashwords! And Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc.

I posted the back cover blurb for Disciple, Part II, last week, and I have been working on the cover artwork since then. You will have to wait a little while for that, but I promise to reveal it before the second Kickstarter project begins in January.

Yes, a second Kickstarter project! You will be able to pre-order Disciple, Part II, to help fund the rest of its production costs. And to pay for the cover art for Disciple, Part III, because this thing is going to keep rolling.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back cover blurb for Disciple, Part II

Disciple, Part I is currently available at major ebook retailers, as well as in paperback. Disciple, Part II arrives April 1, 2013! Parts III through VI will follow.

Back cover text for Disciple, Part II:

The prince first kissed Kate Carpenter for fear of missing the chance if they didn’t survive the journey home through the monster-prowled mountains.

Now that kiss seems like a fever dream. It’s back to work for her, back to the fellow physicians jealous of her talents and the sneers of an infirmary director who wants her shipped off to some tiny village. Kate means to be on the front lines to save lives. She’s worked too hard to overcome her past to let them deny her the chance to serve her homeland when the enemy’s army reaches their kingdom.

The grand jousting tournament is a chance to prove she can manage combat wounded, and at the royal Solstice banquet Kate means to prove she isn’t an ignorant peasant girl anymore.

But the prince’s kiss still haunts her. Their paths cross at the joust, at the banquet, and the easy familiarity they earned on the journey home is a welcome escape from their duties. It’s a small slip from chatting to kisses.

Kate knows it’s foolish; he’s doomed to a political marriage. As a knight, he will be on the battleground this spring. The kingdom needs every defender, every physician, focused on the war. The vast and powerful empire is coming to slaughter anyone standing between them and the kingdom’s magical fount.

Kate ought to break both their hearts, for duty’s sake. 

No cover reveal yet -- soon, soon. I will be putting up a sample of Part II in a tab, just like the sample of Part I. Stay tuned for more information! 
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